pk10直播_Beijing restaurant serves fermented bean curd dishes

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A chef pk10直播sepk10直播pk10直播rves dishes pk10直播using fermented bean curd as ingredient to the customers. [Photo/]

A restaurant in Beijing's Sanlitun area held a banquet serving Chinese fermented bean curd and western cocktail on Nov 25.

A bartender makes cocktail. [Photo/]

The fermented bean curd is a Chinese condiment consisting of a form of processed, preserved tofu. The ingredients typically are soybeans, salt, rice wine and sesame oil or vinegar.

Foreign visitors taste fermented bean curd directly from jars. [Photo/]

It is usually commercially packaged and sold in jars containing blocks of 2 to 4 cm square by 1 to 2 cm thick soaked in brine with select flavorings.